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Our History



Andrews Floor and Wall Covering has been in operation since 1950, when our father, Dewey W. Mann, returned from serving as an Army Captain in WWII to establish this company as it is known today. Historically, post-World War II was a booming era in the Charleston area, for construction, chemical manufacturing, and coal mining. In 2003, our father transferred his ownership to his 3 children: Wilson, Ellen and Linda. Together, we as the 2nd generation have continued the management and operation of Andrews Floor Covering for almost 30 years. Of course, we have all seen the decline in these areas over the past 20 years, plus with the 2008 recession and now the 2020 pandemic, we are proud to have been able to sustain our family business, amidst the challenges.


Our Mission

Andrews Floor and Wall Covering Company is committed to providing the same quality materials and professional installations just as we have done for the past 70 years. We ensure complete customer satisfaction by always guaranteeing both the product and installation.

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